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Growing up in Whitopia

Posted in Home by rememberbydoing on October 19, 2009

Here’s an article from a new book, Searching for Whitopia by Rich Benjamin, that lays out the history of neighborhood whisegregation and how white people clump together and hoard resources.  As someone who grew up in Whitopia, the logic of the white families makes sense; I grew up going to good schools, around greenspace, low crime, high perceived safety.  The untold story behind that Whitopia is I grew up confused about whiteness with skyrocketing rates of drug and alcohol abuse.  It was a segregated county where the Latino and black neighborhoods were “dangerous” and lacked resources, had underfunded schools (in comparison), expensive/poor public transportation, and very little protection for day workers.  I grew up confused by the liberal/Democrat sentiments of color-blindness and bleeding hearts and the huge disparities and apathy of the residents of the county.  Privilege was nice, but made me confused and not whole; living in Whitopia does not solve the problems moving there is supposed to solve.  It perpetuates not only the dangerous consequences of the school/community/policing/housing/criminalizing policies and attitudes for people of color, but it makes the white folks who grow up there live in denial of both a racial identity and an understanding of the world they live in.  It cripples true community.  The privileges are shallow and for the short-run.

OK, and here‘s a video about a climate change lesson with young students of color with some surprising responses.

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