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Everything is messed up. SO?!

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Anarchy/Prison industrial complex abolition are like the end of a string that you start pulling to unravel the entire systemic monster.  You start on one string (policing) and realize that its connected to food security and self-determination, and to war.  Once you start trying to live in a way that is less-oppressive and more environmentally sustainable, you realize how far you have to go to in changing your life around.  This is coming from a white, upper-middle class background – of having access to economic stability, foods of my choice, and comfortable ideologies (colorblindness, my personal potential to change the world) – and being introduced to radical thought and organizations.

I think that a general feeling of “everything is fucked up” exists in my friend group but until there is a string to grab on to, it’s just a wallowing ground instead of a seed bomb.  There is no visible “movement” to grab on to, no sexy revolution to start going to meetings for.  Instead, there is a wealth of information about the depth of contradictions and suffering in our daily lives, and in Oakland, a whole host of organizations kicking ass that take some restructuring of comfortable ideologies to be able to hang with.

However, the oppression that the privileges of “security” and wealth afford are biting us in the butt more and more, and the need to fight back is becoming more and more obvious to everyone (even the misguided conservative activists).  Our nation’s terrorism (violence against civilians) in one country means a ulceric fear and inflated budget that takes away services like education, roads, public transportation – which only means more criminalization, poverty, H1N1, global warming, death of biodiversity, etc.  The solutions that the state and corporations come up with (ie gang injunctions, black history month) don’t support communities or selves and pull resources away from real change.  

I see that as I work at a small eco-friendly company, who is forced to bow to big corporations, and struggles to connect the eco-friendly dots (recycling?  driving to work? small things).  The struggle exists because business and living sustainably don’t mix. Capitalism can’t help.  Capitalism can help bandage the gaping wounds (ie offsets, green products) it has inflicted on the earth and our selves, but it can’t fix them.  There is some uneasy balance between our bodies – the need for fresh food that is created by and adapted to our local surroundings, the need to not shit where we drink – and the weight of our brains.  Between self-determination and teabaggers, being nice to conservative Evangelical Christians at a dinner party and trying to make sense of this crazy world.

Anarchy has recently been defined to me (by Crimethinc).  “Being an anarchist doesn’t mean believing anarchy, let alone anarchism, can fix everything – it just means acknowledging it’s up to us to work things out, that no one and nothing else can do this for us: admitting that, like it or not, our lives are in our hands – and each others’.”  Food for thought.  How to make the space you take up about your own self-preservation/determination and those around you.  It means biting some things back to the quick and being uncomfortable and alienating some people and living full of love (but not the kind you see on TV).


Great idea, stupidhead

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