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Glen Beckypie, what will you do?

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Well well well.  Look at what Glen Beck is afraid to talk about.

It’s hard to be surprised about this, as it’s so easy to fingerpoint and so hard to talk about race honestly, especially when you’re kind of insane and hateful, and you’re making tons of money off of playing on white folks insecurities and ignorance.  What disturbs me about the way Glen Beck is responded to is the way that folks are asking “is he racist?” as opposed to being able to review his comments as racist, or see his effect and placement in the populist right, and critically talk about him.  It all sounds like tiptoing and academic, but the question of “is he racist?” is a big stumbling block.  See more here.

So what the hell is white culture, anyway?  Just because it’s hard to define  (it’s true, Glen, don’t be afraid to admit it), doesn’t mean it’s not worth analyzing.  After all, I believe race exists (as much as it also doesn’t), and I believe culture exists (even though I’m not sure what it means), so somewhere in there there has to be something a little more solid.  I’m going to try to hash it out.

I guess culture is a synthesis of a lot of factors, including race, and can be defined as simply/as complicatedly as race: it doesn’t really have an answer, but we have to make one up in order to operate.  Culture produces how we understand race, and  race produces how we understand culture.  It’s a term that can be thrown around a lot in order to name things, just like race.  Culture is the undefined space that we try to name when we separate out politics, economics, emotions, and identities.  It’s what we can get our hands on, but are also afraid of talking about – because it often becomes seen as personal, and something that is removed from personal choice because it is so shared.  And shared choices often mean its makers lose responsibility.

Here’s bell hook on popular culture.  She has good things to say!


Linketylink today

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Tim Wise on Van Jones, and here’s another guy Glen Beck got.

Uhoh, Oakland (where’s the money going?  how can it cost so much to get across the bridge?)  And uhoh, Oakland (Discovery Channel discovering how to forget about Oakland’s past of police brutality)!

What the internet says about white anti-racists

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Before I started this blog, I looked up white antiracist.  There were a lot of voices out there about the problems with white DSC_0954antiracists (Check out this ironic blog, open letter, and article).  Obviously, my first thought is “am I a good anti-racist?”

A big part about being an anti-racist for me is understanding what to do with all these contradictions that make up our lives in a capitalist society.  And those giant contradictions of socially contructed identites that are used to determine worth/class are the ringers, as I try to learn how to hold something made up in my hand.  And learning how to feel bad and still do.  So I read these things, and I listen and learn, and know that this blog is about the biggest/public anti-racist thing I do (besides trying to practice in my daily work) and that that is corroborating with the system, but learning about conflict and owning your voice are a couple of the things I can do.

Remember by doing

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vomitEvery time you remember something, you are recreating that memory (it’s not a static thing in your mind that can simply be picked up whenever you want to).  This reminds me of being an anti-racist white person, especially in my current phases of inactivity.  This system is structured for me not to have to remember that I am white, but as I start to break that idea down and engage more completely, the memory, knowledge, and power are being built stronger and stronger, and made to be more current.

I wanted to start a blog because I have been too quiet.  I am not an organizer, and currently not particularly politically involved (hopefully that will change soon and I am working on it), but I feel that I shouldn’t be discouraged from doing the small things as I work towards doing the large things.

I am a white anti-racist who seeks to navigate race, racism, and white supremacy and how it constructs my culture, politics, and world.  I understand that my whiteness is a privileging construct and a method of domination, and that I can’t “unlearn” or “cure” racism, nor can I simply divest in it, and that I abuse my privilege every day.  However, I’m trying to figure it out in America today and a voice is the method I’m using right now.  Am I a “good white person”?  Or a hypocrite?  I don’t know.  All I know is the (mostly) white republican (mostly) men are giving the left a run-around and I want to say something else. Yes, it’s all just discourse, this is the internet, after all.  What are you doing here?

I’m an artist, I’ll try to post some of that up here.  I’m figuring out the internet, I’ll try to post some of that up here and forward on some links and articles.